My Naughty firefighter

Most people have a list of things they look for in a guy. Well, I have a list of things I DON’T look for in a guy. And at the top of that list…no firefighters.

That plan kinda backfires when a crane falls on the roof of my house while I’m taking a bath. I’m trapped inside, totally naked, and guess who comes to the rescue?

A firefighter.

A SEXY firefighter. Matteo Rossi. Six-foot-four with a dimple in each cheek when he smiles.

Now I see him at work all the time because I’m an ER doctor and he brings in some of my patients.

After weeks of flirtatious banter, he asks me out.

But like I said—no firefighters.

He doesn’t let up easily. He sweeps me off my feet with his smile, his jokes, and even his adorable pug. I can’t get hurt again. Can’t go down that road for a second time.

But Matteo Rossi shows me he’s more than just a hunky firefighter—and convinces me to give him a chance.

A romantic comedy set in the heart of the emergency services with a humorous firefighter, a bad-tempered doctor, and an adorable pug!

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