My grumpy cop

The last thing I expected while eating a bowl of cereal was to come face to face with a corpse in the middle of the kitchen, and become the only witness to a murder.

The killer? Bruno Santoni, the most famous gangster in the South of France.
Just my luck.

Now I have to accept protection from Livio—a stubborn detective with a stick up his butt. He’s been after Santoni for years. Has an obsession that rivals my obsession for sweets. We couldn’t be more different, and as a result, we’re at each other’s throats.
But he’s pretty hot…so that makes it better.
A lot better.
And based on his discreet stares, I think he feels the same way about me.

My Grumpy Cop is an Enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy with a swoon-worthy hero and a sassy heroine!