my cranky lawyer

The last thing I expected to be doing on New Year’s Eve was getting arrested for setting my ex’s house on fire.

It was an accident, I swear! But now I have to accept Vincenzo Rossi’s help if I want to get out of jail. As much as I despise this man, I despise sitting in a jail cell even more. Turns out, he didn’t have the best start to the year either. Apparently, he has a rival at the office that’s about to take his business right from underneath him.

Vincenzo proposes a deal: pretend to be his fiancée to help him secure a promotion at his law firm, and he will take care of my legal issues. Despite my hatred, I have to admit it’s a good plan, but will we be able to work together without ripping each other’s throats out?

This enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy explores deception, growth, and the power of love to heal and transform even the most cynical of hearts. Fans of witty banter, emotional connections, and happily-ever-afters will devour this entertaining read.

the rossi brothers series